Are there any real proofs of God’s existence?

The credibility of the Bible as the Word of God is confirmed by the following facts: largest number of manuscripts in ancient literature, manuscript integrity, comprehensive verification of the biblical canon, Jewish history and culture, historical consistency, fulfillment of prophecies, wisdom of the message, over 5 billion copies sold, translations into over 150 languages and not only.

Metaphysical evidence for the existence of God

There is a huge list of miracles that are beyond comprehension that are the result of God’s work. These are irrefutable proofs for the existence of God that the world has forgotten.

God heals and heals today. Many Christians go to churches and the streets of the world, pray for the sick and, as a result, receive health directly as a result of their prayer. (God has other ways of healing too.) This is a very obvious demonstration of God’s work that you can read and see, patient testimonials, medical evidence, etc. If you are looking for Christians who pray for the sick, they are there. In Protestant churches, the practice of distributing the Bible (and other literature) will undoubtedly provide you with the opportunity to witness or experience the miraculous healing of others. God heals the sick, both physically and mentally, and addicts.

Many people have spiritual problems that manifest as depression, suicidal thoughts, neuroses, family problems, family curses, mental problems, demonic control, ghosts, voices and other unpleasant phenomena. Exorcisms, casting out demons, are part of the Christian faith and are readily available.

Numerous testimonials of pregnancy, pregnancy and happy births, which from the medical point of view should not take place, are further proofs of the existence of God.

The ability to speak in many tongues is mentioned several times in the Bible when people received the supernatural gift of speaking in tongues, the most common sign being the phenomena we call the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many of Christ’s followers today also have this ability.

The knowledge of God’s forgiveness of sins as a result of repentance is quite obvious, and many Christians attest to it. The sensations of peace, freedom and a sense of relief from the burden are very noticeable. This also applies to immersion in water.

Other supernatural miracles, divine revelations: prophetic gift, dreams and visions, direct communication with God, light, supernatural peace, joy, etc.

Spiritual phenomena

Of course, each of us has heard about mysterious phenomena related to spirituality, magic and other occult phenomena. The spiritual world as a whole is a significant proof of the existence of God.

Examples of occultism: divination, clairvoyance, prophecy, summoning spirits, hypnosis, out-of-body, possessed houses, various types of trances, curses, voodoo, and others.

Other supernatural phenomena: silence in the Holy Spirit, clinical death. Objects and places that have unexplained properties, Genesis. The lives of the apostles and followers of Jesus (true believers) are characterized by an abundance of testimonies of God’s work, miracles, revelations, and beneficial effects. Books, Christian videos, and numerous testimonies are available online and in churches that discuss this topic. All you need to do is start looking.

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